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Apples & Honey Dippers

Rosh Hashanah

Ages 3-8

Project notes: This project should be adapted for the age and ability of the child/children and the amount of time planned for this activity. Pre-cutting the materials will make it easier for the younger child, while an older child with more time could do more cutting and coloring. Have a dish of real apples of different colors, if the children will be coloring their own apples.

Pre-learning: Discuss the holiday. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the new year; the start of the High Holidays; people will dip apples in honey as a symbol to wish for "a sweet new year."
Discuss the different kinds of apples:MacIntosh, Red delicious, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and the different colors of the apples. Bring some in for the children to see.


1 paper plate-uncoated paper, light weight type, cut in half (per child)
1 plastic drinking straw, long (per child)
2 apple template squares, photocopied on white or "apple" (per child)
(or pre-cut from colored construction paper for young children) (Make link templates section)
glue sticks

How to:

Feel free to adjust the order of the following steps to fit your children.
1. Have children color apples to match their favorite kind of apple. Older children will cut out their apples, younger children can have the apples pre-cut (or die-cut) in red or white to color.
2. Have children the center of the plate to look like honey; color the plate border a different color to look like a honey dish.
3. Pass out straws; have the children rub glue on both apples and put the straw in-between to make an "apple sandwich."
4. If the plates were not pre-cut, cut the plate across the middle almost to the other side, stop at the border.
5. Fold the plate in half so that the coloring is on the outside
6. Staple along the border to hold the 2 sides of the plate together, leave a gap at the bottom of the curve so that the straw will fit through easily.
7. Insert the apple on the straw through the top of the "honey dish" with the other end of the straw sticking out through the staple gap in the bottom of the plate.
8. The apple can be "dipped" in the "honey" by pushing the straw up and down.

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