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Art class, fun for some..stressful for others..viewed as an extra and expendable offering by some adults. The fine motor skills used by a child when doing art; such as drawing, writing, and using scissors involve hand-eye coordination that is essential for reading and helps with writing skills. concepts and lessons can be reinforced in art class and the learning is better internalized by the child through a multi-modality approach. The more senses you utilize at one time in the learning process, the more knowledge you will retain.
For some children, art class will be their first exposure to using scissors, glue bottles, markers or paint. It is important that a child feels empowered to use the tools to create their own art. These art projects are designed to give children control over the project, to make it truly their own. A children's project shouldn't require a lot of adult intervention cutting, stapling, taping, etc. (Please do your own with them, don't do theirs for them.) Help the child to feel successful. Try not to "do the project" for the child, this tends to make the child feel that their efforts are not "good enough" and that they would rather not try. A child who says, "I can't do this, do it for me," may be really telling you that they're afraid to try because it might not be "good enough." No child should feel inadequate in a primary art class! Structure your projects and teaching style to have the children feeling good about themselves when they leave.



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