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Art can help a child understand concepts and express their own understanding of a subject. Children learn as they do. Confucius said,"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."
With art projects, the learning is in the doing. The projects featured on this website were developed for children in the primary grades of a Jewish religious school. These projects can be adapted for older ages or children with special needs. The projects can be used in Jewish educational setting or at home; they can be used by non-Jews to expand cultural awareness; projects can be adapted to a non-Jewish theme-for instance, the Tzedakah (charity) boxes can have a different decorative theme, to reflect a specific charity or cause.
Children learn what they do. People learn in a variety of ways. Some people are visual learners, while other favor their auditory senses, while others much "do" to absorb and retain new information. As educators, teachers and parents, we must recognize that we all have a favored way of acquiring new information and that those who we are working with may have different learning styles that we do. We may find that we "teach" in the style we prefer to learn in ourselves. "Our style" my not necessarily be the style that best suits our learners.






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