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Menorah Mats


Ages 6-8

Project notes: This project uses permanent markers to decorate aluminum mats. It is better suited for older children or a lower child to teacher ratio. A piece of poster board is "sandwiched" in between two heavy-duty foil sheet.

Pre-learning: Discuss the holiday and safety. Discuss what type of symbols are associated with Chanukah. Show the children how simple shapes (dots, lines, squares, etc.) when repeated in a pattern, can form an interesting border. This mat is designed to go under a menorah to protect the table from hot wax and sparks that may fall. The menorah should always be under watch while it is burning.


poster board (cut into mat-size pieces aprox. 12 X 18 inches)

heavy duty aluminum foil, large size, cut slightly larger than the mat
permanent markers, bright colors
glue sticks

How to:

1.Lay out 1 piece of poster board, 1 glue stick, and 2 pieces of foil for each child.

2. Have the children center the poster board on one of the foil pieces, with an even margin all around.

3. Rub glue stick lightly on the poster board and flip it over, still centered on the foil.

4. Rub the glue stick lightly on the second side, take the second piece of foil, hold it over the poster board and aluminum foil and then "pat it down." Smooth around the edges to see where the poster board ends.

5. Roll up the edges to form a "tray." Start on a wide side, "by your belly." Be sure that there is a "double roll" to seal in the loose edges with a fold. Continue around the mat.

6. Now for the fun. Decorate with the markers, using all the great ideas discussed. Scrap paper might be handy to practice certain shapes or letters. The marker is permanent when it is dry.

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