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Wooden Menorah


Ages 5-8

Project notes: This will be a menorah that can use regular Chanukkah candles. This project involves quite a bit of prep work. Plan a trip to the lumber yard. You will need to saw wood to get the pieces ready for the class.Don't worry about the cut edges, part of this project is to have the children sand-down the edges.

Pre-learning: Discuss the holiday, build on what the children already know about the holiday. The Macabees, fighting for religious freedom, and the mircle of the oil that lasted for eight days.The menorah, a hannukiah, used for Chanukkah is a special type with eight "branches" instead of seven; plus the ninth "worker" candle, the shamash, that stands apart and lights the other candles.



1X3 wooden firring strips, cut to 9" lengths (for menorahs)

1x2 wood, cut to 1" lengths (for shamash)

5/8 hex nuts (9 per child)

medium grade sand paper, cut into aprox. 3" X 4" sections

masking tape

pasta shapes for gluing

thick craft glue (like Tacky Glue®)

gold spray paint (for adult use only, after class)


Before class prep:

The children will be sanding for the first part of the project, then gluing for the second part. Be organized and things will go smoothly.

1.Tape a piece of sand paper to each child's place. Be sure that it is taped on at least 2 sides, 4 sides is better.
2. Each child will get one 9" piece and one 1" piece of wood at their place to begin.

Have ready for the second part:

1. The hex nuts counted out in small cups
2. Assorted pasta shapes in shallow containers
3. Glue

How to:

Part 1

1. Have the children notice the rough edges and show them how to rub the wood against the sand paper to smooth the edges. Have them count the edges and be sure to get all sides of both pieces.

2.When the sanding is done, remove the sand paper from the table and the tape from the sand paper, the children can do this and put the sand paper away while the tables are wiped down to remove the dust and the materials are put out for part 2. Be sure names are written on the bottom of the main piece.

Part 2

1. Each child should have a cup with 9 hex nuts, glue and pasta within reach and the two wood pieces that they just sanded.

2. Discuss the placement of the shamash. Have them glue this piece first and then arrange the hex nuts. Check the placement of the hex nuts. Since candles will be used and lite in this menorah, the nuts should have enough space between them. Have the children glue the hex nuts in place.

3. Have them use the various pasta shapes to decorate the menorah.

4. They will need to leave the menorahs to let them dry and have an adult paint them.


1. After the menorahs are dry, have an adult spray paint them with gold paint.

2. Follow the instructions on the paint can and be sure to paint in a well-ventilated space. Be sure there are no children around, these fumes can really drift through a building. Use a large box placed on it's side to make a "spray room" to hold a few at time to paint. Use several thin coats to cover.

3. Return to children when dry.

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